Building trust and accountability by setting and managing expectations

Building trust and accountability by setting and managing expectations

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Welcome to APParently Help center

Answers to your common questions

 What is APParently, the Parent App?
APParently provides a parents and guardians a consolidated view of a family’s Chores and Goals. Individually children can be assigned Chores, Skills which track against Goals and Grades by subject.
 Can APParently pull in my child’s grades directly from their own app?
Not yet. There are a lot of schools that use different methods of recording grades. If you’d like to share with us which website or application you use to track your child’s grades, please complete the survey under Left Nav > General > Survey. We are investigating which systems we can integrate. We appreciate your patience as we gather this information.
 What information do I have to input?
Parents must enter a child’s first name, birthdate and gender. Beyond that they can choose a distinguishing color, upload a photo, medical and academic information.
 How do you protect the information that I choose to add or share?
APParently uses encryption for the transmission and storage of your information on the device and in the Cloud.
 How do you add a child?
After the initial tour, Parents must enter the first child’s information to get started. Once completed, additional individuals may be entered by navigating to the Left menu and under the Children section, pressing the (+).
 Can I add a custom Chore or Skill?
Yes. We allow parents and guardians to add custom-named chores and skills in an effort to provide the greatest flexibility to your unique requirements.
 Can I share APParently with another parent or guardian?
Yes. APParently the Parent App, provides the ability to share with one other parent or guardian to include Grandparents, Nanny’s or Babysitters.
 Are there any limitations in the Trial version?
APParently provides parents and guardians the ability to try the app with one device and one child with five chores and 3 goals.
 What’s the difference between a Chore and a Skill?
Skills are behavior-based actions such as Honesty, Compassion and Sportsmanship which are tied to Goals. Chores are periodic activities that are appropriate for the age of the child as they contribute to the success of the home.
 How can I contact support?
We look forward to hearing from you so we can make APParently a better experience for you and your family. When you’ve had a positive experience, please post in the Reviews section for iTunes or the Play Store. If you think we can do better or have a feature request, please contact us via our App Left Nav > Contact Support. If you are having issues with logging in to the App, please contact us directly via the Get in Touch with Us portal above.